Davor Sakač

General Manager

TS Ventures

During his 22-year-long business career, which he built in different companies, Davor was mostly in managerial positions in different areas of business - especially in the telecommunications and finance sectors. He was involved in the development, planning, and management of numerous business processes and strategies that included the launch of new products in local, regional, and global markets (from Africa to North America). The biggest challenge was targeting and engaging end customers with a specific marketing approach and communications aimed at narrowly targeted market niches, as well as sales growth strategies. His strategic management is based on his own initiative, detailed research, and detailed business analysis combined with rich business experience. His business approach is always oriented solely on results with a distinct openness to new ideas and a well-organized structure for their implementation. Leadership skills are followed by numerous successfully implemented projects. After completing his undergraduate and master's studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade, he completed his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Business and Financial Studies at the University of Business Studies in Banja Luka. He is married and the proud father of his son Vuk!